I advise students primarily from iSchool and Computer Science at Rutgers. I have thus far graduated four PhD students (chaired their dissertations) - two from iSchool and two from Computer Science.

Current Students
PhD Students: InfoSeeking Lab Advisees
  1. Dongho Choi (Information Science)
  2. Souvick Ghosh (Information Science)
  3. Jiqun Liu (Information Science)
  4. Soumik Mandal (Information Science)
  5. Ziad Matni (Information Science)
  6. Matthew Mitsui (Computer Science)
  7. Jonathan Pulliza (Information Science)
  8. Manasa Rath (Information Science)
  9. Shannon Tomlinson (Information Science)
  10. Yiwei Wang (Information Science)
PhD Students: External Advisees
  1. Ning Sa (Information Studies, University at Albany-SUNY)
Master's Students
  1. Shawon Sarkar (Information Science)
  2. Shishir Shetty (Business)
  3. Sameera Somisetty (Computer Science)
  4. Chuxu Zhang (Computer Science)
Undergraduate Students
  1. Kevin Albertson (Computer Science and Math)
  2. SaraAnn Stanway (Computer Science)
Past Students
  1. Christopher Leeder (Information Science) 2014-2015
  2. Ying Zheng (Chinese Academy of Science) 2011-2012
PhD Students: Dissertation Advisees
  1. Long Le (Computer Science) Graduated April 2017
  2. Chathra Hendahewa (Computer Science) Graduated December 2015
  3. Erik Choi (Information Science) Graduated May 2014
  4. Roberto Gonzalez-Ibanez (Information Science) Graduated October 2013
PhD Students: Independent Research
  1. Charles File (Journalism & Media Studies)
  2. Muge Haseki (Communication)
  3. Vanessa Kitzie (Information Science)
  4. Xiao Qin (Information Science)
  5. Pamela Read (Information Science)
  6. Jennifer Sonne (Information Science)
  7. SeoYoon Sung (Information Science)
  8. Laure Soulier (Visiting PhD student from IRIT, France)
  9. Linnan Wang (Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering)
Master's Students
  1. Stephanie DiGiovanni (Communication)
  2. Vanessa Kitzie (Information Science)
  3. Rebecca Kolberg (Information Science)
  4. Emily LaBeaume (Information Science)
  5. Daulat Lakhani (Communication)
  6. Ivo Leonhardt (MLIS exchange student from Germany)
  7. Tayebeh Yazdani nina (Information Science)
  8. Danielle Reay (Information Science)
  9. Lupita S-O'Brien (Information Science)
  10. Bandhan Vagheliya (Computer Science)
  11. Jaqueline Woolcott (Information Science)
Undergraduate Students
  1. Basil Ahmad (Computer Science)
  2. Abhijna Baddi (Information Technology & Informatics)
  3. Cody Bruno (Information Technology & Informatics)
  4. Josh Cartagena (Information Technology & Informatics)
  5. Vardit Cohen (Computer Science)
  6. Claire Digirolamo (Applied Math, Visiting student from George Washington University)
  7. Steven De Feo (Information Technology & Informatics)
  8. Marisa Delmanto (Information Technology & Informatics)
  9. Changling Huang (Computer Science and Math)
  10. Yan Li (Information Technology & Informatics)
  11. Dan Pan (Computer Science)
  12. Kanan Parikh (Information Technology & Informatics)
  13. Kaushal Parikh (Computer Science)
  14. Vimal Persaud (Information Technology & Informatics)
  15. Zachary Pinner (Information Technology & Informatics)
  16. Abdulaziz Ramos (Information Technology & Informatics)
  17. Phillip Quiza (Computer Science)
  18. Josue Reyes (Information Technology & Informatics)
  19. Christine Russell (Computer Science)
  20. Anastasia Ryssiouk (Computer Science)
  21. Daniel Su (Electrical and Computer Engineering)
  22. Chui Tang (Information Technology & Informatics)
  23. Jose Uben (Information Technology & Informatics)
  24. Bhagyashree Uday (Math and Computing, Visiting student from IIT Guwahati, India)
  25. Serife Uzun (Microbiology)
  26. Tommy Yan (Computer Science)